The best Side of pulli kolam designs

Like all kinds of other kolangal two images - thumbnails taken from my films in Rangolisansdots ( my kolam YouTube Channel ) have already been included        

 The  newest addition to this sequence on Deepavali kolam Strategies .  It's a fifteen to one ner pulli style kolam.  As usual position the dot grid.  Attract the kolam within the centre towards the outer sides.  Very first attract a few intersecting strains as shown.

 Obviously I cannot touch it as it can get erased !. Any artwork desires involvement and Here is the outcome of me getting very much involved though drawing kolam.  As my mother used to say ''manolayam'' - concentration on the endeavor in hand and thinking of almost nothing else.  Less complicated explained than accomplished.  In fact I locate it challenging to end a kolam at any phase ( all practitioners of kolam I feel will concur ) but time and Room are enormous constraints.

The subsequent kolam is fairly a standard style and design - the dot grid is 15 to 8 ( idukku pulli ).  It is frequently drawn being a tortoise shape but I've utilised some floral designs rather than a tortoise.

Of course, the completed rangoli is another frequent massive kolam.  All over again to accomplish it with colours, patience is needed.  In case the qualifications is likewise to get loaded one will need 15 minutes added.

This kolam makes use of a seven by 4 idukku pulli or dot sample. After inserting the dot pattern rather than connecting the dots. The traces are drawn on possibly side from the dots for finding 6 intersecting variations.

One more simple kolam with nine to five dot pattern. I've still left it within the basic phase.  A great kolam for incorporating colors.  Be sure to try out.  It's simple floral designs all around . Is usually drawn as being a Component of daily kolangal.

Pongal Kolam With Dots Pics: Folks need to would like their family and friends with pongal kolam wiht dot pictures, so look into these pongal kolam with dots photos.

Hello Mam, all kolams are outstanding. Nonetheless it is hard for me to attract the ezhai with dry and soaked flour. HOw to attract easily the ezhai kolam

 So this pattern is often ongoing for higher dot grids also.  The design is quite simple.  At last insert the veins on the leaves with eco-friendly colour to get the outcome of leaf designs.  This may be a great Navaratri kolam with dots as well. The black and white clearly show the 1st layer and 2nd layer of mango leaf patterns remaining drawn utilizing pulli kolam designs the dot grid.  The third image signifies the kolam / rangoli soon after completion.

.your kolam and the way in which u took work to create the visitos to know the kolam quickly can make me think that my mother is sitting powering me and making me to do...Now I am extremely intrigued And that i am seeking to place complecated kolams and i am not repeating a similar kolam fairly often..Absolutely everyone in my property have been extremely happy about my kolam..

 Use the dots outside (there will be three ) to get the leaf designs and within the remaining dot attract the roses to receive this rose kolam style and design. Eventually insert some simple motifs with white rangoli  (powder).   The impression within the still left exhibits the Preliminary step in this kolam    

 Draw the four mother birds then increase four infant birds inside the dots between, it seems as if the nestlings as well as the moms are investigating each other ( with affection ! )

 Such simple kolam nevertheless drawn with A much bigger dot grid could be helpful for activities connecting the dots.

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